I'm Nika, a student from 3.MM. Outside of school, I'm a creative girl, who has found great interest especially in business. This year, I decided to become an entrepreneur and created a brand Brightnin.

In front of you are the colourful Brightnin notebooks that are meant as a gift for all your hard work this year and all the challenges you overcame. Choose a colour you like, and the notebook is yours! 😊


In the first place, by having plain covers, Brightnin notebooks encourage creativeness and innovativeness as the world’s main drivers of progress (you can write/draw on them with softer (coloured) pencils (aquarelle ones are recommended), markers…; you can also glue/stick something on the cover – in short, you decorate the notebooks according to your wishes, however you want, you make them unique; in this way, notebooks get a huge added value, are only yours, one of a kind). In addition, by having pastel sheets of paper on the inside, those notebooks are also suitable for people with scotopic sensitivity syndrome (they make reading, writing, learning way easier) which is often wrongly recognized as dyslexia.

Most importantly, I want to share a very strong message with those notebooks. I wish that you are creative not only when you are decorating your unique cover, but also when creating your life journey. Let this notebook be your reminder that you are capable of achieving many amazing things if only you are brave and persistent enough. For each goal, wish, vision you have… GO FOR IT!

Last but not least, I wish that this notebook colours your world and brings you joy. Have a wonderful holiday and good luck in 2022!

You can also find me on Instagram: @brightnin_official (I appreciate any support, thank you veeery much!)