About Brightnin

Meaning of the brand's name and logo

"Brightnin" is a name that was very thoughtfully chosen and has a special value. The first part of the name derives from an adjective »(to be) bright« that has multiple meanings which are tightly connected with the company's vision & values and the products that are offered:

  1. »full of light, shining«: we wish to light a spark of ideas in our customers when they receive their notebooks, and that they will shine from all the ideas how to design (draw over, write on, plaster...) covers (and perhaps, according to their wishes, some other parts of notebooks as well);
  2. »strong in colour«: the key feature of our products and overall corporate identity are colours;
  3. »intelligent and quick to learn«: we believe that creativity that everybody carries within represents an important aspect of intelligence. Quick learning and adapting are of great importance and represent a foundation for creating new ideas, which is the world's main driver of progress. We wish to co-create and, with our products, encourage a society of individuals who are able to find innovative solutions and in which shines "a light bulb of ideas". That is also a reason why exactly we chose a shining light bulb for our logo.
  4. »full of hope for success or happiness«: we strongly believe in Brightnin's potential and everything that the brand represents. We will put as much knowledge and effort into it as we can, hoping that the brand will be successful. But aside all the work and challenges, we will not forget that we started this business especially because it brings us joy, happiness and personal contentment.

Suffix "nin" (conversationally shortened form of "ning") next to the word "Bright" simbolically shows that we wish the upper four meanings to last continuously, forever. It stems from a rule that in English, continuous verb forms always end on -ing.

Brightnin's values

Brightnin stands behind the following values:

  • Creativity and innovativeness: we strongly believe that a process of creating can bring anyone, a child or an adult, lots of joy. We encourage formation of new ideas and their implementation, because we are aware of the importance of enriching the world with new ideas for the good of society's progress.
  • Education: we put much emphasis on lifelong learning and value education and all careers. We wish that in everyone with notebooks, decorated according to their wishes, shines a spark of curiosity, and that they will look forward to (formal and informal) education.
  • Joy in work: we wish that our products would help turn joy in creating into joy in researching, setting and reaching personal goals, and finding fields of interest in which work would bring us joy.
  • Care for the environment: our company is sustainable, because we are well aware of the severity of climate change and environmental pollution. We are doing our best to minimize our operation's impact on the environment. Therefore, we thoughfully choose the materials our products and packaging are made of. We work with suppliers and other partners, who aim to conserve the environment as well and operate as sustainably as possible.